For a lot of cities, “public art” means big sculptures in a busy plaza. But with a $50,000 grant in hand and a goal of building a public art program from the ground up, Sparks sees things a little differently. Here, public art takes different forms—like a mobile portrait stand or a big chalkboard for collecting people’s stories.


Jennifer Charbonneau makes a quick gesture drawing of a family during a festival in Sparks. PHOTO: City of Sparks


Double Scoop Podcast, Episode 6: Holly Hutchings talks with Francine Burge and Jen Charbonneau about art in Sparks


The new Depot Gallery is part of the city’s up-and-coming arts program. PHOTO: City of Sparks


Artist Paul Fenkell’s giant easels help city officials get a sense of what’s important to Sparks residents as they plan for more public art. PHOTO: City of Sparks

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