Muralists encounter the occasional job hazards, just like everyone else. Holly Hutchings caught up with Reno painters Bryce Chisholm and Jennifer Charbonneau, each of whom recently finished a new outdoor piece, about the ups and downs of making artwork on the streets.

Double Scoop Podcast, Episode 7, Painting in the Great Outdoors


Bryce Chisholm works on his latest mural, “Mission PossibleReaching For The Stars,” at Empire Elementary School in Carson City. Photo: Holly Hutchings


Jennifer Charbonneau began work on a quarter-mile long painting in June. Photo: Kris Vagner


A section of Jennifer Charbonneau’s completed mural, “The Infinity Range,” on Gibraltar Drive in Reno. The City of Reno commissioned the piece in part to deter graffiti on the long, formerly blank wall.

To see more of these artists’ work, visit Jennifer Charbonneau’s website and Bryce Chisholm’s website.

Holly Hutchings

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