In an age of digital everything, it’s rare to ever see our own names written out. That’s why the age-old art of calligraphy can make things a little more special, said Lauren Iida.

She’s helping to keep the tradition alive by offering professional calligraphic services and teaching classes in Reno and Tahoe. “It’s nice to bring something back from yesteryear that our grandparents did, that our great-great grandparents did,” Lauren said.

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Lauren’s next two calligraphy classes are “Beginner Calligraphy & Ornament Lettering,”  2-3:30 pm Dec. 10 at Happy Tiers Bakery in Incline Village and “Modern Calligraphy & Ornament Lettering for Beginners” 6-7:30 pm Dec. 16  at Atelier in Reno. To learn more, visit Lauren’s website and follow @thinkandthinlines on Instagram.

Video + Cover Photo: Noah Glick

Posted by Noah Glick

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