“Nevada’s tribes have a long tradition of basketmaking. Right now, baskets from the UNR’s Anthropology Research Museum are being 3D scanned so more people can “handle” them and learn from them. Luka Starmer, VR specialist for UNR Libraries—also my good friend, also a Double Scoop contributor—has learned a lot working on this project. On this episode, he talks about the baskets, the basketmakers, the technology, and an unsolved crime or two.

Here’s an example of a basket you can examine from all angles with your cursor on UNR’s Online Digital Collections page.

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Dat So La Lee, a.k.a. Louisa Keyser, was a prolific and skilled Washoe basketmaker who lived from 1829-1925.

A Dat So La Lee basket being scanned. Image courtesy UNR Libraries.


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