Reno artist Barry Crawford talks shop with Noah Glick, this season’s podcast host, about his kinetic metal animal sculptures. You can see one of them, “Rearing Horse,” in downtown Reno, and his newest creation, “Ratchetfish,” will debut this month at Burning Man.

LISTEN: Double Scoop Podcast Episode 25—Reno Metal Sculptor Barry Crawford


Passersby can turn a crack to animate the mane, forelegs, and head of “Rearing Horse” in downtown Reno. Photo: Noah Glick

Barry Crafword’s “Ratchetfish” was in progress at the Generator in July. Photo: Kris Vagner

Barry Crawford’s “Mechateuthis”—a  metal squid with articulated eyes, beak, and tentacles—has been displayed at several Maker Faires, concerts, and festivals, including the Elko Mural Festival in 2019. Photo: Kris Vagner


Barry Crawford’s next sculpture, “Ratchetfish,” will debut at Burning Man Aug. 28 – Sept. 5. “Rearing Horse” is installed at Fourth and Arlington Streets in Reno. You can follow Barry on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Cover photo: Kris Vagner

“Rearing Horse” video: Noah Glick

This podcast episode was funded by a grant from the City of Reno and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Posted by Noah Glick

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