Freelancer Policy

Double Scoop welcomes pitches from arts reviewers, essayists, journalists, videographers, photographers and podcasters. And if you produce a type of media we haven’t thought of yet, we’ll consider that, too.

Double Scoop covers the visual arts in every part of Nevada—and occasionally in the Truckee/Lake Tahoe region of California.

We’ll hold you to stringent standards when it comes to accuracy, verification, ethics and writing mechanics. We require a level of clarity and accessibility that non-art-scholars can read. When it comes to voice and perspective, we’re inclusive. We want a wide range of both.

We value well-researched, well-thought, well-written arts journalism and commentary—in fact, that’s why we exist. We acknowledge that making good media takes real time, real skill and real commitment, so we don’t ask anyone to work for free.

Double Scoop adheres to a strict conflict-of-interest policy. Don’t pitch us a piece on anything you’re involved with—or anything a close friend or family member is involved with. If potential sources ask for an article in return for an advertisement or monetary contribution, please help us educate them on the fact that we do not offer “pay-to-play” arrangements. We require you to be 100 percent transparent about who you do business with and what irons you have in which fires.

To pitch an article, series or idea, send a brief, introductory email and links to two or three of your best, most relevant clips to Editor Kris Vagner at kris /@/