American Snapshot by Kelly Popoff 

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Artist and educator, Kelly Popoff, was born in Akron, Ohio and lives and works in Greenfield, MA. 

The work in this exhibit includes work from the last three years. During this time Kelly Popoff  has been looking at images of Americana: doll collections, gun collections, antique furniture,  clothing patterns, model home kits, yearbooks, toys, etc.. Perhaps as an instinctive response to  try to make sense of our current culture by looking back. Or maybe, to find connections that  may explain why our history seems so present and unresolved. More recently, she has been  gifted a large collection of vintage snapshots that allowed her a more intimate look into  America’s past. Popoff’s current paintings and drawings use these photos as a reference to try  to capture the essence of American life – with emphasis on family, memory and socio psychological dynamics.

Artist reception 4 June, 4-7pm

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