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Friday art news roundup

A new art admin in Reno + a new gallery in Las Vegas + 2 chances to weigh in on projects in progress

/ August 18, 2023

Remembering Oliver X

The longtime Reno arts promoter died on Aug. 13

/ August 17, 2023

No more Native sidekicks

In Theo Tso's comic books, Captain Paiute is always the hero

/ August 15, 2023

What are you doing this weekend?

A (less than timely) love letter to a love letter of an exhibition

/ August 11, 2023

Midtown Reno’s newest outdoor painting

As local teens install a public-facing mural, Asa Kennedy teaches them the ropes

/ August 10, 2023

Deeply compelling transgressions

Audrey Barcio's feminist abstractions

/ August 8, 2023

From philanthropy to photography

A chance encounter led Eleanor Preger down a whole new path. Now she's a celebrated Burning Man photographer.

/ August 2, 2023

Getting down to business

South Lake Tahoe's Anastasia Keriotis turned an artistic predicament into an opportunity

/ July 31, 2023

‘All my creatures come out’

Eunkang Koh on turning prints into soft sculpture, the human-animal divide + how the pandemic changed her artistic practice

/ July 31, 2023

Friday art news roundup

Grant money + Reno studio space + out-of-town opportunities

/ July 28, 2023