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Noah Glick is an award-winning audio journalist, radio host and podcast producer based in Reno. He is also the founder of Divergent Point Media, an audio production company focused on bettering media and the way we tell and find meaning from stories. When he’s not busy trying to keep up with sources and new information, he’s trying to keep up with his two-year-old. Red Bull helps with both.

Podcast: No rush

Meet professional calligrapher Lauren Iida. In her low-tech line of work, slow and steady is the only way to go.

/ December 9, 2022

Podcast: Eva Salyer

This Tahoe painter learned early on that a canvas is a good place to process tough emotions

/ October 26, 2022

Podcast: Ruby Barrientos + Jon Gomez

The community of Salvadoran artists in Reno/Sparks is small, but it's finding ways to increase its visibility

/ September 21, 2022

Podcast: Anela DeLaveaga

This Reno woodworker + her colleagues are working to make serious female + nonbinary craftspeople more visible

/ September 8, 2022

Podcast: Last Bet Motel

This Burning Man piece is an homage to Reno's fast-disappearing weekly motels

/ August 23, 2022

Podcast: Barry Crawford

His metal animals—with moving legs, tentacles, and tails—travel to festivals and cities

/ August 15, 2022