About Us

Double Scoop is a statewide media outlet that covers the visual arts in Nevada.

We believe that Nevada’s communities need the arts, and the arts need a hub for accessible, insightful discourse. 

We produce: 

When we say “art,” we don’t just mean gallery and museum shows. These are important parts of Nevada arts, but we also tell stories about arts education, arts funding, artists’ lives and ideas, and the bigger cultural issues that relate to art and culture. We aim to illuminate the connections between art and everyday life. By our definition, “everyday life” can mean anything from national politics to local issues (like development and tourism) to personal stories and perspectives.

We aim to publish a wide range of voices. Our contributors are journalists, critics, students, teachers, and artists.

Double Scoop’s founder and editor, Kris Vagner, is a seven-time Nevada Press Association award winner, former Arts Editor for the Reno News & Review, and a 2018 graduate of the Masters in Media Innovation program at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Double Scoop is a sole proprietorship and is funded by members, contributions, advertisements, and grants.

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