Month: September 2022

‘Transformers’ at Reno City Hall

A traveling exhibition curated by JK Russ shows what some of Nevada's most ambitious artists have in common

/ September 28, 2022

Fallen Fruit Collective comes to Reno

The L.A. duo's new sculpture installation at the NMA is also a community garden

/ September 26, 2022

Friday art news roundup

Another city-administered pandemic relief grant for artists and orgs

/ September 24, 2022

Beloved Eureka art collector Wally Cuchine has died at 75

We'd like to invite you to share a photo or memory

/ September 21, 2022

Podcast: Ruby Barrientos + Jon Gomez

The community of Salvadoran artists in Reno/Sparks is small, but it's finding ways to increase its visibility

/ September 21, 2022

Friday art news roundup

The catching-you-up-on-all-the-news edition—grants open + grants awarded + venue news + more

/ September 17, 2022

A towering spirit

A new museum finally gives Rita Deanin Abbey her due as a visionary Nevada artist and tireless interpreter of the desert

/ September 13, 2022

Reno’s new art fair is seriously bringing it

The Reno Tahoe International Art Show is the best thing we've seen for people who want to connect with local arts. Ever.

/ September 10, 2022

Podcast: Anela DeLaveaga

This Reno woodworker + her colleagues are working to make serious female + nonbinary craftspeople more visible

/ September 8, 2022