Month: June 2021

Reno Fine Arts Collective

A father and daughter’s plan to put Reno on the world stage

/ June 30, 2021

Spiritual home

The new Savage Mystic Gallery opens this week in Reno

/ June 29, 2021

Friday art news roundup

This week, it's all about the money. Grants and more grants.

/ June 25, 2021

Welcome home

Emily Reid's new Art House in Reno offers workshops for kids + adults

/ June 22, 2021

Friday art news roundup

Downtown Reno just got brighter. The NAC has a new expert in arts + disabilities. More news from around the state.

/ June 18, 2021

The year things got weird

Artists reflect on the chaos and isolation of 2020

/ June 14, 2021

Where are they now?

Meet CSN's art alumni. They're going places.

/ June 11, 2021

Friday art news roundup

Great Basin Native artists are showing in Bishop. Art + Environment Conference takes a new form. A reappointment in Reno. A retirement in Tahoe.

/ June 4, 2021

Q+A: Gig Depio on the show he curated for Las Vegas City Hall

"Diaspora" highlights 10 Asian/Pacific Islander artists

/ June 2, 2021

Theater Scoop is coming soon!

Reno-area pop-up performing arts news, summer 2021

/ June 1, 2021